“I didn’t think it was my job to accept what everyone said I was and who I should be.”- Benjamin Saenz....Tynemouth Chapel Door


Fate, an unattainable destiny lies ahead of thee.

Mysteries hidden behind closed doors without one single key to unlock the unforeseeable future that it holds so dear and close.

Gypsies reading palms and crystal balls, how can they foretell the future?  You hand over a $20 bill, and they tell you something you already know. Stuff lies down your already swollen throat from strangling knots of stress.

While the past was mapped out for me, and can not change,  do I have control over what the future might be? Or, is it wrapped in a pretty little box with a tightly decorated bow enticing me to know?  Hiding secrets of the unknown.

Christmas Object Lesson: The Wrapping Paper


Why is my own life undisclosed, and never to be seen until its claws are directly inside of my wounded skin grasping at me to the bitter end?

Don’t break a mirror then serve seven long years of bad luck.  Don’t walk under ladders, avoid black cats…the list proceeds and teases me.

Fate… playing a high stake game of life.

Key to the front door of the Royal Chapel of Versailles



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