January 21, 2018: Quote of The Day & Poetry

Don’t compromise yourself.  You are all you’ve got.  ~ Janis Joplin ~


When we don’t know who we are, it’s easy to compromise ourselves.  When we don’t know where we stand on an issue, it’s easy to be swayed by a forceful voice.  Values may be cloudy in our minds, or we may not be aware of them at all.  It’s then that we are vulnerable to the persuasion of another.


I will search high and low

to find happiness within myself.

I will be grateful for my growth

and fulfill my desires on my terms.

I’m appreciative towards my

fellow man and woman for providing guidance.

But, I have to allow my own wings flap open

and soar about the open sky searching

patiently to land on my own two feet,

in order to create a world  

I trustingly share me with others. 

~ Beckie Cutler ~



[Picture #1 Unsplash.com – Aditya Saxena / Picture #2 Unsplash.com – Herbert Kaiser]

[Source:  Each Day a New Begining – Karen Casey – Hazelden Meditation]

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