💔👁 😢 The Love That Never Was 😢👁 💔

via Daily Prompt: Blink


Evening Dress c.1911-1915 French Smith College Historic Costume Collection

In a uniquely salmon-pink, jeweled, and lace gown;

She captivated the room, was sure all the menfolk would swoon.

But she only dressed so properly to attract the man she adored.

Real Men drink straight up with a side of Cigar. Your dog can share with a cigar pretzel and Bowser Beer.  There he stood handsomely so, with his brandy in one hand and a cigar in the other, looking debonair as he glanced around the hall:  Looking for his love to appear.

Just as she thought she had caught a wink in her direction, she was mistaken by an innocent blink in her general direction.  

She followed his stare and watched her enter the room in her ivory silk gown, and hair of the golden sun tied up neatly in a swirl.  

Her love loved another as he took her hand and strolled to the dance floor, holding one another in a warm embrace.

  Rose's wedding gown, it’s vintage! Downton Abbey costume designer Anna Mary Scott Robbins said she got it from a vintage shop in London, and the wedding dress “was a hundred years old and had never been worn.”

Her head lay low in defeat, she turned and exited while the music played a melancholy song. 


[Pictures provided by Pinterest]







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