Original post by “Being Aware” – Insightful view on mindfulness. 🙂

Being Aware


One of the most fancy term it is now a days but to understand the essence of this word we need to live it not just understand it in words but feel it in every moment.

The common phrases around this term are

Be mindful about what you say to other…

Be mindful about you actions

Be mindful about your thoughts about others and self

But rarely have we been able to talk about mindfulness as an internal journey, mindfulness as self-care, mindfulness about internal growth, mindfulness as top most religious practice in all

IMG_20170930_073503religions and not just religion in every part of learning, because mindfulness is not just about the being mindful in relation to others but more than that being mindful in relation to self, being mindful about what you do to yourself in all those moments when you were mindful about others.

Indepth, mindfulness starts…

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