Your feelings aren’t useless

Original post by “Topics With Passion” – Yes, there is plenty of passion & compassion written in this post. 🙂

Topics with Passion

I am outspoken about my mental illness issues to raise awareness for mental health. To make it clear that it can affect anyone and to bring this often invisible illness to sight.

Off key life - TopicsWithPassion.blogPlease, in the name of humanity, avoid saying to someone with anxiety or depression that they are unduly reacting, or that we must calm down, or that our concerns will not improve the situation. I know that worrying won’t help. It doesn’t stop my mind from imagining and anticipating the worst, for my stomach to fill horrible, for nausea to take over. I hate feeling this way. Telling me to calm down or that I’m being ridiculous will only make the situation worst.

“Stop crying” will only tell that person that their feelings are wrong or don’t matter. It’s invalidating as hell and it doesn’t solve anything. No one should ever be told how to feel or what…

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