January 14, 2018: Quote of The Day & Poem

Man lying down on the grass under a tree relaxing in the countryside in Byron Bay

One cannot have wisdom without living life.

~Dorothy McCall~


Living life is much more than just being alive.  I can choose to jump in with both feet.  Wisdom awaits me in the depts.


[Source: Each Day a New Beginning – Karen Casey]

[Picture: Unsplash.com]


I earned the wrinkles on my face,

I earned the gray streaks through my hair.

I survived emotions when they tried to take me down,

I survived all the commotions stirring inside my head.

I lived my life on my terms only,

and survived to tell the tale.

These crows feet around my eyes,

proves I’ve laughed and cried a thousand times.

My life’s not perfect by any stretch,

but, I know that I am most certainly blessed.

~Beckie Cutler~



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