Self-Care: Gratitude Journal

Original post by “Bipolar Barb” – 31 days of gratitude. Love it!

Bipolar Barb

The Daily Prompt: Carve via The Daily Post

NOTE: This is a pre-written post in which I was able to include the prompt.

2691580307_67c9598ddc_z I’m a firm believer in gratitude, even for negative events that happen to me because I usually learn a lesson from them, and I’m grateful for that. Most nights, I carve out a few minutes of my time to post on the Daily Gratitude group in the free Insight Timer meditation app (I know I keep mentioning this app — I swear they aren’t paying me!). I started in October, and it only takes a moment.

The nice thing is that I’m able to see all of my own posts by clicking on a link if I want to review what I’ve been grateful for since I began my gratitude practice. That way, I don’t need to write them down in a journal, as well. Not that there’s…

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