Manage Your Anger

Yet, another sensational post by “Discovering Your Happiness” – Great read! 🙂

Discovering Your Happiness

It’s easy to get into trouble fast if you can’t manage your anger. Knowing what makes you react quickly is the starting point. The second part is knowing how and when to leave which is what this blog is all about.

It’s called taking a time-out.  Most of us have used it with our kids but it’s very effective with adults!  It gives you a reason to remove yourself from the situation so that you can calm down.

Time-outs keep people safe. It’s not just leaving the situation, it’s how you leave that makes the difference. Here are the steps for an effective time-out.

Steps for time-out

  • Recognize your early signs of anger; rapid heart beat, sweating, feeling anxious, irritable, or confused, negative thinking, blaming others, smoking or using other substances to receive stress, etc.
  • Pay attention to what triggers you. Make a list of the situations that upset you…

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