January 11, 2018: What is The Difference Between Bipolar I vs. II (Part 3)

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Note:  I apologize for entering the incorrect date to yesterday’s entry “What is The Difference to Bipolar I vs.II?” – I warned you guys, I have been rather out of it for the past few weeks due to a Bipolar episode.  🙂 So, today is the real 11th of January.  Duh!

Good Afternoon Folks!  How are all of us doing on this Friday Eve? Well, here in New Jersey, we are expecting a rainout over the next few days.  However, it won’t be freezing over this course of time, Thank goodness.  In fact, today it’s in the 50’s.  But, the weather is contributing to this episode of bipolar.  

Yesterday, I was pondering the thought over in my head; How long is a typical episode?  Not to mention, how long in between from one episode to the next?  I thought to myself, that I really never knew the answer to these following questions… So, without further adieu, “Hello Google”

Bipolar 2 disorder description.  "I have Bipolar II Disorder."

According to Psych Central / World of Psychology; The answer to these questions varies considerably from one person to another.  Some people can experience what is referred to as “Rapid Cycling”, where the person can go back and forth between depression and mania in the course of a day or multiple times a week.  Other’s can stay in this pattern for weeks to months at a time.  Now, what I found interesting was, mild depressive episodes are easier to recover out of, not like a severe episode. This also applies to mania episodes as well.

The further I researched the length of time an episode last, the more I learned.  In worst case scenarios the cycle can actually last up to 13 weeks.  So far, as I see it anyway is that my cycle and/or episode has been going for at least a minimum of 8 weeks since I felt this overwhelming feeling of numbness.  I’m not depressed over anything, in particular, I haven’t burst out into tears and stayed that way for days on end, but I have had sleep issues since this whole thing began.  More so, than not.  Plus, I have been so scattered, and not as focused as I have been in the past.  I’ve just been in a Blah State of Mind.

This is usually characterized by erratic and severe mood swings in between the normal stages.

In all this time I have had Bipolar II, not once was it described to me the length of time these “Fun little episodes and/or cycles would last, and/or what to even expect from them.”  Why?  I’m not quite sure, but it bugs the crap out of me.  I seriously haven’t felt or remembered feeling this out of sorts since before April of 2017.  That’s not to say, that I haven’t had bouts’ of being “Debbie Downer”, but nothing like this in a long period of time.  I am certainly hoping this little stint ends before having to wait 13 whole weeks for the spell to break.

Tomorrow, I plan on conducting a quiz for you guys.  “No, not a pop quiz.” A questionnaire conducted by the Psych Central to determine if you may need to seek a mental health professional for a diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder.

Until then, I hope all of you have a wonderful afternoon and pleasant evening.

Take Care & God Bless,



[Photo 1. Provided by Unsplash.com, Photo 2 & 3 Provided by Pinterest]

[Resources/ Research: John M.Grohol, Psy.D.]






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