Avoid Going Sideways – Asking the Right Mental Health Questions

Original post by “Braving Mental Illness” Excellent Q & A, and fantastic post for people who have mental illness/disorder, and people who don’t to better understand.

Braving Mental Illness


Have you ever been asked some of the most inappropriate, odd, or unnerving questions about your mental illness or disorder? Maybe you have or haven’t because the answer to this question is subjective and based on perception.  There’s a chance, the person asking the question just isn’t aware of what questions are appropriate or inappropriate.  Although a lack of mental health awareness can lead to misperceptions and ambiguity, below are my top ten questions or comments that I wouldn’t recommend asking or saying to your friends and family members diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder; followed by a list of questions that might be deemed more appropriate.

  1. “I hope you’re 100% by tomorrow”

(This just doesn’t work because 100% doesn’t exist in any context excluding the world of academics.  This comment may cause resentment because it can come across as having a nonchalant attitude)

  1. “Are you going to eat…

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