In the Psych Ward

Orignal Post by “Bipolar Barb” – All too familiar with the scenario of being in a psych ward. Very good read.

Bipolar Barb

Daily Prompt: Brilliant via The Daily Post

NOTE: This is a pre-written piece in which I was able to include today’s prompt.

NOTE: My experiences of hospitalization in a behavioral unit (psych ward) does not reflect other people’s.

hospital-hospital-corridor-long-corridorIf you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning, then you know why I was first hospitalized in the ’90s. My stay was similar to my most recent hospitalization, which was in 2014.

During my first stay, there were 2 units: the one where I was placed, and the one where patients were behind a heavy, steel door with a small square window in the upper half. Staff used a key to enter. I learned that the other ward was for “sicker” patients. I would later discover what that meant.

Before being admitted, they took away my shoelaces, and had I worn a belt, they would have taken that, too — same…

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