America’s Fearless Leader?

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Donald Trump, successful businessman

Yesterday’s book release of “Fire & Fury” by Michael Wolff, set off a tyrant of tweets once again by our brilliant leader, Donald  J. (I mean Duck) Trump. “….. Like, I’m a stable genius…….” was DJT’s response.

No offense to Trump supporters, but what is a “Stable Genius?”  

  Every new’s network and late-night comedy show’s had a field day with this one!  Each one reporting or stating, “If you’re a genius, normal people don’t have to announce it to the world to prove to them he is stable…”  

From the butt crack of dawn, until 11:30pm yesterday, Michael Wolff delivered controversial news on what, and how our fearless leader runs our nation.  The so-called claimed interview that Michael Wolff & D. Duck Trump had, was rather disturbing, to say the least.  M.W. claims that Trump is the, “furthest thing from stable.”

Now, we needed a Doctor/Author to tell the American People this?  Seriously?

Today, I plan on not watching the news because it’s giving me a migraine listening to the supposed “Fake News”, and people backing the book, and Trump.  I had my fill yesterday.  😦



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  1. Our elected puppets filling the seats of congress have let the American people down by allowing this unstable moron and danger to the world reside in the White House. It is discouraging to put it mildly.. Let’s really clean the swamp in Nov.

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  2. Agree! Why the hell would anyone buy a book about Trump, he has already written his own autobiography on twitter. We already know he is unstable for pete’s sake! It really must piss him off though that this guy is going to get richer because he’s written this book and Trump doesn’t get any of it. bahahaha. I wouldn’t buy one though. Ugh.

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