Blogger Appreciation Award

Wow! Many Thanks to Grabbety Covens for The Blogger Appreciation Award.  I am so honored to be nominated.  Actually, this is my first true award that I’ve ever received, and by someone that I admire.  His talent is inspirational, and he has been so utterly helpful to me over the course of time, So a special thank you for all that you assist me with.


Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their site.
  2. Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.
  3. Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.
  4. Use the award image.


Beckie Cutler

Goodness, I never really thought of speaking positively about myself, I simply try to convey positivity on my blog.  My blog is designed to help others with all thing Mental Health Awareness, by education and information on all realms of mental illnesses/disorders.  I also enjoy creative writing as well.  Having interaction with so many talented writers has been so rewarding to me, and they provide a happy community to be a part of.   🙂


  • The Bipolar Brat
  • The Pradita Chronicles
  • Autoranonblog
  • Sketches by Nitesh
  • A Thought Process
  • Lee Dunn
  • Stoner on a Rollercoaster
  • Living vs. Existing
  • Discovering Your Happiness
  • Ameena k.g.


Congratulations to all the Nominees!

Beckie  🙂   /






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