Learning to Hate Your Abuser

Original Post by “You Will Bear Witness” – A powerful read. Through perseverance and fighting the anger.

Fighting for a Future


For many recent sessions at my psychotherapist rooms we have been working on anger. Anger at what happened to me whilst I was abused whilst a victim of a padophile ring for fourteen years in Ireland organised by my parents and a man called Mick Wafer. I find it impossible to be angry at my parents because I suffer from Stockholm Syndrome which prevents me from blaming my abusers. I still love my parents and miss them. However, I am beginning to learn to become angry with Mick Wafer and his part in the whole affair.

His role, in particular, was bringing children from the local Industrial School, Cara for the paedophile ring and he used to make me watch the men abuse the children. If I looked away he would hit me on the back of the head with a closed fist until I returned my gaze. He derived vicarious pleasure…

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