Evening at The 4-H Fair!!!

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 [I ate] A deluxe funnel cake. Topped with vanilla ice cream whipped cream bananas and strawberries with chocolate & caramel drizzle http://ift.tt/2nXcbxX

Every year in late August, we here in Somerset County, NJ, have a 4-H Fair.  At the fair, there is livestock of cows, horses, sheep and the cutest goats you ever did see.  This past Summer was the first time in several, (and, I mean probably if I had to guess, 40+years) that my friends and I went to see the firework show.  

My friend “JT’ reminded me of one of my favorite foods when attending the 4-H fair, and that is the “Funnel Cakes” they whip up there.  When he mentioned this little tidbit of information, I remembered the times that my grandparents would get me a funnel cake when we walked throughout the fairgrounds.  However, they changed quite a bit since back in the 70’s.  

DIY Funnel Cakes -- Transport your taste buds to the amusement park while enjoying all the comforts of home.

It is a fairly simple recipe, as you can see in the picture above.  But, what the vendor does now, adds several different types of topping’s, ranging from powdered sugar to fruit, and what has become my all-time favorite now… Hot custard, and fudge.  Oh, my blessed God, it is decadent!  The scent alone that wafts through the fairgrounds, makes you almost levitate you to their booth, where they make this scrumptious plate of yumminess!  (is it obvious, I’m a real fan of this?)  “Oh’ yeah!”

I barely paid attention to the fireworks show, because I was so engrossed in diving into this divine plate like a feeding bag that they put on horses at times.  “Yes, I looked pathetic, but I did not care.”  

This fine delicacy can be made at home, but I don’t dare to indulge in making it at home because I  would resemble a whale if I did.  Besides, this is a staple to enjoy at the 4-H fair.

“I can’t wait for August 2018!”  LOL!  


(Pictures provided by Pinterest, and James Owen @ jhowen).


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