~ My Second Love ~

via Daily Prompt: Winsome 

The Daily Post word;  “Winsome”  I could describe a smile and curls, but in reality, the only thing that comes to mind is my next crocheting project.  Seriously, I was looking at different stitching techniques on Youtube last evening.  So, I love today’s prompt.  LOL!

Ever since the day I completed my last afghan, I have given my next endeavor some considerable thought.   Oh, sure, I could design my own pattern, but I wanted to actually do a blanket that appeared light and airy since I chose lighter wool in soft pastels.  The colors of pale aqua, soft yellow, and white to compliment the comforter on my bed.  

I was thinking of doing a chevron stitch, or popcorn and single stitching to enhance the popcorn stitching, but then leaned towards the winsome stitch.  That actually is the contender.  

So, as soon as I finish crocheting the matching pillow for my last afghan, I will start on this whimsical winsome stitch.  I can’t wait.  Yay!  Can you tell, that I love to crochet?  LOL!  🙂



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