~ Poop! ~

Life-threatening winter winds blow

As the glimmering sunrise touches the snow.

Sunny with blue skies from above,

so deceiving, as I stuff heat warmers in my gloves.

Dressed in many layers, yet still feel a chill,

it’s time to take the dog for a walk up the hill.

Hood pulled up over my head,

begging the animal to “please take a shit!”

She sniffs around to find a place to poop,

while I idly stand to freeze, ready to scoop.

Eureka! I scream to the heavens above,

the dog has finally done her stuff.

Briskly we walk back to home,

defrost and desperately try to get warm.

Remove the coat and boots,

I waste no time;

Change back into my fleece PJ’s and robe,

then try to warm up my earlobes.

From here on forward,

the pooch can poop

in the backyard.  🙂



Please check out “The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch”  Thank you.  🙂









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