~*~ A Day At the Jersey Shore ~*~

via Daily Prompt: Allergic

35 Funny Quotes That Will Make Your Day

I’m the kinda gal who enjoys people watching, especially at the Jersey Shore in the Summer months. 

I’m that woman who will break out in fits of laughter if I see an oversized man in a speedo.  Did he look in the mirror this morning and say to himself, “Ooh, baby, I’m gonna break a lot of hearts today.”  –  ‘I don’t think so, dude.’ As I shake my head and pull the towel over my eyes as to avoid becoming blind.

I’m that kinda gal who secretly bust on young girls trying to attract a young male in a cute, itsy, bitsy, polka dotted bikini and enough makeup dripping down her face because of extreme heat.  ‘You’re a hot mess, Sweetie, if you think that eyeliner skidding down to your chin is attractive.’ 

I’m that woman who watches patrons sitting there having lunch on a huge towel or blanket and share with the seagulls flying over their heads.  A seagull plops on one of their heads and doesn’t realize it until someone in their own party tells them, but by that time… It’s cooked under the suns blaze…  ‘Yeah, I’m that one laughing to herself, then not to be obvious, pick up my book and pretend to read.’  LOL!

I’ll admit, I’m the kinda gal who is allergic to stupidity and lack of fashion sense.  🙂




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