Soul of a Man

Original Post by “Grabbety Covens” ~ A meaningful piece. 😦

Surviving the Struggle to Success.

It’s hard to understand,

what makes the soul of a man,

when everything he believed is a lie,

and he’s lost the willingness to try,

or desire to search for the truth,

like his innocence lost in youth,

it’s gone and can never be found,

buried but not in the ground,

lost in memories and darkness,

leaving him broken and heartless,

desperate for a cessation of hostilities,

raging within with no hope of tranquility,

silence is the next best thing,

sweeter than the angels sing,

but the voices in his head,

tempt him to wish for death,

yet another lie,

a sweeter lullaby,

a peaceful sleep awaits,

to he who’d tempt the fates…

© 2018 Grabbety Covens

***The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch***

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