Night Walkers

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When our time is up it’s up

We have all had nightmares or terrors as many prefer to label them, when we all awaken bathed in sweat with the fears still ruining our rest, running our mind, controlling our destiny, but when is a nightmare not just a simple nightmare, when does it become something else?

Do we truly awaken from the nightmare, or only believe we do? Ask an insomniac if the nightmare is a bad dream, or just a lack of sleep…

Edgar Allan Poe summed up sleep nicely l feel with this … “Sleep, those little slices of death — how I loathe them.”

Night Walkers

Bathed ‘n sweat again l awoke,
Disturbed from my nights restlessness,
To darkness and a chilly cloak,
Lying there, searching deeply into the stress,
Which had caused me to awaken?
Unknown shadows dancing inside,
So abruptly, sleep now forsaken!
Whispers of…

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