January 4, 2018: ~New Year & New Outlook (Part 4)

Amazing tips on how to write a journal for success!

Good Afternoon All!  Happy Friday Eve to you!

This morning when I awoke, it had started snowing.  Okay, as of yesterday, the meteorologist claimed that our area was only going to receive 1-3 inches of snow, then all of a sudden that forecast changed.  What a shocker.  We have been experiencing a blizzard since 4am this morning.  Why would I be awake at this hour? It was because the winds howling sounded like a train passing through the neighborhood.  Oye!  So, now these wonderful men and women that forecast the weather lied once again.  We are expected to receive 4-8 inches as of this moment, (subject to change, I’m sure of it).  At least this explains the chaos that was unfolding in the supermarket yesterday.  LOL! 🙂

Alright, I know I promised that I was done writing about “New Year & New Outlook” yesterday, but then it dawned on me… I still had plenty to add to this little exercise of replacing negative thoughts, with positive ones, and being optimistic.  So, with that being said;  Here we go!

Redirect Your Thoughts:

A psychotherapist can help you guide you in controlling your thoughts when you start to feel down and/or anxious.  Create happy thoughts, a positive image, or reiterate with positive self-talk.  (aka) It could be “Positive Affirmations”, a positive affirmation is an emotional support system in which you design for yourself.

Self Hypnosis:

You don’t necessarily have to be put under by a professional, you can actually perform this technique yourself.  Self-hypnosis brings a conscious state of mind willing to follow positive suggestions.  Basically, meditation.  I apologize if I sound like a broken record, but there are so many hundreds of applications on your phone and computer.  Youtube alone, has over a thousand.  Once these thoughts begin their way into the crevices of your brain, and you allow yourself to repeat these messages to yourself; You can, therefore, start feeling happier and healthy outlook on life.  This can also be considered a mantra that you personally develop over time.

People, Places & Things:

All of which can create unwanted, and unwarranted triggers that can cause anxiety.  I know this one all too well from massive experience.  Example; Confrontation, being pushed into an argument.  I will no longer tolerate this.  Why?  My anxiety goes through the roof when someone berates me and picks a fight.  If the person calmly addresses an issue, the results would turn into positivity.  If not, I am faced with lingering and ruminating negative emotions. 

Places, I do try to avoid crowds based on my anxiety.  However, It was explained to me by my therapist, to at least try baby steps on my own.  Then again, yesterday was not one of those times I handles a crowded supermarket well.  I was worn down and developed a migraine after the pre-snowstorm fiasco.  I prefer my baby steps to less crowded areas or a different time in which I go to the stores.  (I suppose this counts as a thing too).  LOL!

Indulge Yourself:

This can stem off in many directions.  Listen to music you enjoy. Sing along to your favorite band or soloist and get out of your own head.  Cut a rug, and dance some negative steam off.  “Just shut the blinds, and close the door.”  LOL!  🙂

Yesterday, I made a point of indulging in picking up the last couple of pieces to finish my “Gratitude Jar”, and I’ll tell you; I felt so good after it was completed.  I also purchased yarn for my next project, another blanket, only this time it’s for my bed.  Then I saw this gorgeous Orchid and adopted it to add to my Zen Zone of a bedroom.  All these minute things made me happy, and you know something;  I damn well deserved it.  Hahahaa!

Alright, my dear friends, this is it for me today.  Sometime down the road, I will add to this “New Outlook” segment.  I truly hope that you have gained something out of these exercises and that you can create your own personal zen way of living.  For now, I am going to close.  I have so much reading to catch up on since I was so busy yesterday.  I’m going to fix myself a nice hot cup of hot chocolate, and read away.  🙂

Take Care & God Bless,









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