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Hi, All!  I know this is probably not a big thing for most, but I had brought this up back in December 2017, that I wanted to create a “Gratitude Jar”, and add words of encouragement, simple things that brought me joy that day, and naturally;  Things I am most grateful for.  

So without further adieu, I bring you my “Gratitude Jar”, tell me what you think, and if you started one similar?  Thanks!


  The letters are in silver, two types of aqua ribbon, my love for dragonflies (Meaning Transformation), hot glue gun, silver wire, and colored paper, all cost $9.58.  Of course, it’s a bit on the girlie side, but “Hello!” – “What do you think I am?”

Guy’s, there are cool ways to make a gratitude toolbox, all you need to do is find some funky stickers, and lettering and make it personal.  

At the end of 2018…

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  1. I am really sorry. I didn’t receive any other response. I feel awful. I wanted my nominations to flow but I feel I have messed up! I have been on the computer for a number of hours today. I was so happy to let everyone know but didn’t realise I had not done it correctly. My husband was waiting to eat…he’s been waiting for me for two hours! So I logged off, rested my back which is recovering from injuries and just come back on to find your message … but not the reply you mention, so not sure where it is. Thank you for your patience. 🌻

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    • Sweetie… I have been through the frustration of doing this too. It just took me over 2+ hours just to finish processing one. LOL!
      You can go back into the post you did, under categories/tags you enter the recipients site name just like I showed you,
      the first thing you have to write is “My Nominations Are ___________ and post.

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