~~ Snake in The Grass ~~


People that are evil and vicious just can't hide for very long. Underneath the charismatic façade the narc displays to the world can be an easily angered sadist. Sadistic acts are their way to punish those who are not being compliant, admiring or indulgent.

I while back, I submitted a piece called “Sister Dearest”, and by no means was I implying we are close at all.  In short, this is what it is like to deal with her Majesty…

Her rules, there are no exceptions,

rather live by speculations.

Dictates without hesitation,

no matter the ramifications.

There are no limitations to

her constant insinuations.

It’s built up frustration when

dealing with her begging for

an altercation.

She has no idea of the temptation

without reservation, to cold clock

her upside the head with any

hesitation from ‘me’.


They never lived happily ever again.  🙂


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