~*~ New Year & New Outlook ~*~ (Part 2)

Beckie's Mental Mess

ralph waldo emerson poem about friendship - Google SearchHello, My Friends, and how are you doing today?  How’s the weather been in your neck of the woods?  ‘Man O’ man, has it increasingly gotten colder since New Year’s Eve, and I didn’t think that was even possible.  Burrrrr… At 4 am this morning, it was 4 degrees with a windchill of minus 2.  ‘Ah, Hell no!’ – I can’t deal with this crap.  I like when the weather is in the high 70’s and low of maybe, 55.  That to me would be perfect, but I can’t exactly place an order with Mother Nature herself.  LOL! 

Yesterday, it was soon after I had posted a piece for the Daily Post Prompt: Conversation, my mother called me to wish me a Happy New Year and told me she was needed to be admitted into the hospital again from a withdrawal off opiates that she has no other choice but…

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