~*~ New Year & New Outlook ~*~ (Part 1)

Happy New Year and Best of Wishes for 2018!

Hello, Everyone!  Hope that all of you rang in the New Years on the right path to happiness.  I am determined to keep the momentum of the last year, into this one.  

What I wanted to do was bring a positive vibe to the table, and get as many to join me along the way.  I refuse to dwell on the past, although I know I will still share personal experiences once in a while.  But, I personally want to review Positivity and Optimism into our everyday.  Good idea?  Alright then.

Living with mental illness is not the easiest thing to deal with every day.  We have our ups and we certainly have our moments of feeling really down, but we all have to push ourselves to fight the good fight.  As my motto goes, “Never give in & Never give up!” – and that’s what we are here to do. 

Love this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

From Ralph Waldo Emerson to Buddha to even Ellen Degenerous, and Oprah;  They all show what it means to be optimistic and positive.  Pretty damn good examples, huh?  Positive thinking helps us maintain a healthier, happier existence.   For the next couple of days, I’d like to share with you inspiring wisdom to practice optimism, Shall we?  Okay, then.  🙂

Last week or so, I wanted to share with you Visualization Practices, and I must say, the response from my followers was outstanding.  I’d like to take the opportunity to do just that with a few pictures I selected on Pinterest.  I would also love to hear your feedback as to how it makes you feel after you view them.  I again will add my commentary on how I feel at the end.  Good deal?  Let us begin…

Picture 1

Fluorite - crystal with energy that supports reducing arthritic pain. Picture 2

Awesome photography by Tantago  instagram.com/tantago

Picture 3

(Again, I will submit my answers at the end of this exercise).

Next, practice only using positive words.  Example, instead of putting yourself down, give your self some praise.  If you are constantly telling yourself you “can’t”, try saying “I can.” You might be surprised that if you say it enough, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.  Replace the negative self-talk with the positive self-talk, and you would be amazed at the results over time.

Get rid of the negative thought process, toss that shit in the garbage, it is only weighing you down.  This stems back to focus on the good things in life, and not dwelling on the negative aspects all of the time.  Again, reinforce this in a daily routine by writing them down in a journal or the “gratitude jar” I spoke about a few weeks back.  

Don’t dwell on the past… Let that shit go!  It doesn’t serve a purpose in the present moment.  Don’t reflect on the mistakes and guilt you may be feeling.  Make a peace treaty with yourself.  Forgive yourself, and move forward.  If you haven’t killed anyone, guess what…  You can forgive yourself for anything.  Right?

Alright…  Here are my answers to the 3 visualization pictures:

1 A calm, and peace.  As I drift away in thoughts; (positive ones).  Take in the gorgeous colors on the horizon touching the blue of the sea.  I feel peace.

2 Pillar, strength, and determination.

3 Alone time.  Finding solace in the confines of my thoughts.  Tranquility.


Okay, so this is you assignment folks, please tell me how you feel after this visualization exercise?  Also, add to it at least one good thing about yourself.  What are your attributes?

Now, I am going to close.  I need to consume some leftover’s from a little get together last night.  I don’t dare allow shrimp to go to waste.  LOL!  🙂

Take Care & God Bless,







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