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My Mother is the world to us. Love you mom.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Dedicated to Mom,

From the time I was no taller than a Shasta Daisy, my mother and I have shared a remarkable bond.  Maybe, it’s because I was her first born, but… I think it ran deeper than that.  

As I am writing this now, in current time; I reflect on so many memories flooding me and bringing tears to my eyes.  I was dubbed her “Beckie Boop”, and I referred to her as “G-Nomi”, it was a combination of my father’s name (Gary & Mommy), I was a child that liked to mix things up a bit, I suppose.  However, to this day… We address one another the same as we did 50 years ago.

When I was little, I had to go to the hospital to have my adenoids removed, Mom knew I was scared and tried to at least make it fun.  She made my doll and I matching nightgowns and she stayed with me for most of my stay.  To ease the pain of a very sore throat, there was a lot of vanilla ice cream brought my way.  It’s funny to also remember a time when we dressed alike in gold dresses because, in a sense, I was her little doll. 🙂

When my brother and sister (twins) were born, I was 6 years of age.  The older sister became Mommy’s little helper because when one needed a diaper change, the other was due for a feeding.  When one needed a bath, the other needed a nap.  Mom didn’t have anyone else to help her with three children, except when I was sent to stay at my Grandmothers house, which by the way, was fine with me.  LOL!  I would be able to escape the screaming fits of two little buggers.  

As time moved forward, and my parent’s marriage was strained, my mom and I shared conversations about how not to disturb him when he was drinking, for this would make him extremely angry.  Our bond grew even stronger during these struggling times.  Mom would console in a little kid, but that was fine with me.  Even though, when she looks back at this time, she claims it wasn’t right to do so, but I was all she had to converse with back then.  

Fast forward through our lives, she was going through a devastating divorce from my father, and she too almost had taken her life because the pain of rejection, cheating, and alcoholism chipping away at everything she tried to keep together for the sake of the family.  But, there was no hope, and quite frankly…  We were all better off. 

Mom and I shared being married, miscarriages, and divorce.  Whereas, my brother and sister had not had those experiences.  But, we also shared so much more than those times together.  We have shared pain, sorrow, toughness, and strength.  But, most importantly, we shared a great deal of laughter, because if you couldn’t maintain a sense of humor and a stiff upper lip, we would have felt depleted and empty inside.

As life goes on, so did we.  This Mother & Daughter bond was not just that of blood relatives, but of being each other’s best friend.  And, for that, I’m am eternally grateful for having grown up under her wing.

To this day, we have conversations regarding life, and all the memories of her childhood, and mine.  We reflect on a not so perfect life, but a life where we were there for one another when times were stupendous, and times that were not too delightful.  Personally speaking, I don’t know what I would do if we didn’t have our daily conversations, to lighten up my day.  For a little old lady with so many ups & downs, and severe medical issues… She is one hell of a woman with whom I am proud to call my Mother.

I Love You Mom.  (((Hugs))).






  1. I’m so proud of you and your mother. After going through such tumultuous life you both are not only strong women but also have not given up on each other and supported through thick and thin. In our Indian culture, they is a saying which goes ” If you can’t understand the pain of your own mother, you cannot understand the pain of anybody in the world”.Happy New year to both of you!!

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