I Am “The Warr;or”

This is for those who fight the good fight by having a mental illness.  I hope you enjoy the video at the end.


She cried through the day

and straight through the night;

The Bipolar Express had taken her away.

She could no longer keep her composure,

her mind was spinning out of control: 

the weight of the world rest on her shoulders.

Her behavior was erratic, frantic,

and clearly panicked.

Her condition was stated as having;

Severe depression, and anxiety…

Woe is she, the horrific calamity.

Her emotions were exposed, an open wound,

Her minds erosion feared sudden doom.

She quietly, and silently hid in the darkness,

plotting and planning to execute;

Not considered selfish.

Mother consoled her,

Mom tried to hold her;

The doctors claimed she was a mess…

They all wanted to mold her back to normal.

But, what is normal?  she questioned;

“I’ve had this condition for way too long.

This isn’t a quick fix to this unending depression!”

She addressed her mental health

and worked on it daily;

She refused to keep living this way.

It was a rough road as there were many bumps,

but she took them in stride and dealt with the lumps.

What seemed hopeless is clearer now…

No more tension is seen on her brow.

She may have suffered most of her life with Bipolar,

But, she is a survivor;

She is the “Warr;or”


Please enjoy Patty Smyths “The Warrior”  The lyrics have nothing to do with mental health, but it sure helped me during my recovery.

Thank you for reading & listening,
















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