Daily Prompt: Almost????

via Daily Post Prompt: Almost

Prismatic Question Mark Fractal 4 No Background by GDJ


Today’s prompt has me scratching my head.  As I sit here and contemplate what, how, etc… On what to write about “Almost”.  Where and, in what direction do I go with almost?  I simply sit here perplexed.

almost thought of sharing another fun fact about me.

almost thought of writing a poem.

almost thought of writing a short story.

I was almost thinking of not writing anything at all, about almost nothing at all.

I could have faked it, and said I almost forgot to do the Daily Post Prompt today, but I hadn’t because that would have almost made me appear to be a liar.

Almost sounds so incomplete, unfinished, left dangling on a thread.  

I was almost late to work, but, I actually made it there on time. Yay!

almost missed the train, bus, and/or plane.

Perhaps, I’m almost done with this whole dang thing!

I’m almost running out of patience, and need coffee!









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