What no one told me about blogging.

Original Post by “Beauty by Wanji” Fantastic advice!

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Even with all the advice given on how to blog and be a boss at it,you’ll never be prepared enough so thumbs up for taking the first step STARTING.My tips are pretty simple and straight to the point.

I’d spend the whole day trying to explain to you how to be the most successful blogger but I would never prepare you enough. I’ve learnt so much since I started blogging early this year,I have had to look for information everywhere since I knew no one who had tried blogging,either way I’ve experienced both failure and success,I’d even write a whole book but lets just stick to only three points for today.

Flexible blog title

Who stressed over what title they’d give their blog,I did ,we all did and maybe we’re still stressing over the titles we chose.

Your going to evolve as a writer and also want to try…

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