~*~ I Am ~*~

via Daily Prompt: Extravagant

A 203 carat diamond is more like a paper weight than anything you can actually wear. The Millennium Star Diamond is the largest flawless pear-shaped diamond, it was 777 carats in the rough, making it the 6th largest diamond ever found. It was discovered in the early 1990’s in then Zaire, now the Democratic Republic …

I Am;

I am not Boastful

I am not Lavish

I am not Flashy

I am not Flamboyant

I am not Extravagant

I am not Pretentious

I am not Ostentatious

I am not Pompous

I am not Inflated

I am not Showy


I am humble

I am kind

I am considerate

I am grateful

I am patient

I am generous

I am modest

I am courteous

I am loving

I am honest

I am Me  🙂

I am very interested in obtaining that diamond.  LOL!


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