Self Care or Bust: PPD & PPA

Original Post by “Stollin’With My Hommies” Down to earth post, a must read!

Strollin With My Homies

Self care isn’t selfish. Repeat. Our mental health is SO important and we’re hesitant to openly talk about it because it’s HARD. The stigma that comes with our mental health, PPD and PPA is shitty and it’s allllll too real. The problem with not feeling supported or comfortable enough to talk about when we’re spiraling is that we end up silently suffering alone and it can ultimately take lives. I’ve had bouts of anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember.. I don’t know what life was like before it started so I guess that’s how long it’s been. I can hands down say that when my PPD/PPA hit that it knocked me straight on my ass. If ANYONE ever needs help or has to vent I’m a PM or a phone call away. And I mean that whole heartedly. So let’s talk about it because you aren’t…

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