~*~ Snowday! ~*~

Beckie's Mental Mess


Snowfall delicately drifted down,
Slowly, but surely covering the ground.
Children gazed out their windows
as icicles twinkled and glowed.
Instead of sleeping in their beds,
they anticipated riding their new sleds.
The weatherman claimed the gentle
snowfall would turn into a Noreaster,
The simple flakes would turn into a blizzard.
The Mid-Atlantic would soon be whiteout conditions,
as it became heavy and dangerous precipitation.
The snow drifts crawled up the side of the house,
conditions weren’t safe for even a field mouse.
The winds were howling,
and trucks were plowing.
The snowstorm dropped three feet overnight,
an astonishing and overwhelming sight…
Chidren jumped for joy, “Hip-hip-hor-ray!”
realizing “No school today!”
While Dad’s did a diggin’
Mom’s did a jiggin’.
No school and no work
No teachers and bosses, who are such jerks!
Family and friends all smitten together,
Enjoying hot cocoa held in their mittens, enjoying the Winter weather.

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