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One day,  in late June, Lady Gretchen’s mistress assisted her in dressing for a social event.  She changed into the most lovely sapphire evening dress and her hair of amber was eloquently worn up, with soft tendrils around her sculpted cheekbones of pale pink.  Gretchen was most excited to attend the gala with her husband, Lord Jeffrey.  He was a broad, tall man in stature with strong features. Jeffrey was respected throughout the land for his generosity as a suave businessman.  Together,  Lord Jeffrey and Lady Gretchen made a very handsome pair.
As the two strode hand in hand down the spiral staircase of Italian marble,  Their butler, Humphrey awaited at the front door, longingly gazing at Lady Gretchen.  ‘Oh, how he imagined caressing her milky white shoulders and gently kissing her ruby red lips’.  But; he knew Lady Gretchen didn’t even notice Humphrey, for he was just a mere servant. “Here are your top hat, and overcoat Sir”, as Humphrey directed Lord Jeffrey.  He then slowly, and gradually covered Lady Gretchen’s shoulders in her mink shawl.  He breathed in her heavenly scent and sighed.  “Lord, my Lady… have a pleasant evening, and keep warm.”  Humphrey proclaimed as he opened the grand doorway to the manor.
At the stroke of midnight, Lord & Lady Fritzgerald returned back to their manor and shared a brandy together.  Gretchen excused her self, as she wanted to now go to bed, while Jeffrey decided to stay up and read for a spell.
Lady Gretchen’s mistress assisted her yet again to undress and untie her hair and leave it in a braid.  All the while, Humphrey hid behind the velvet drapes of dusty blue and gold, adoringly watching his Lady reveal her breast.  Once the mistress had completed her task, she dismissed herself and said her goodnights to Gretchen.  “Sleep well, my Lady,”  as she muttered as she closed the bedroom door behind her.

Bildergebnis für prinsty nightgown

Just as Lady Gretchen was going to lay down in her bed, from beyond the shadows of the drapes out came Humphrey.  He had transgressed within the confines of her private domain.  Startled, Lady Gretchen shuddered at Humphrey approaching her.  “My fair lady, I have longed for you from afar and must confess, I want so terribly to feel you and love you the way, Lord Jeffrey does each and every waking day.” he divulged.
Lady Gretchen nearly fainted, when Humphrey caught her before she hit the floor. Humphrey stared deep into Gretchen’s green eyes, with golden specks reflecting back at him, and leaned down to kiss her trembling lips. Gretchen was so taken back and whispered as not to alert Lord Jeffrey;  “Humphrey, this can never be.  You are our trustworthy servant, or at least was until the present day.  You must leave at once!” She demanded.  
Humphrey’s eyes filled with tears, as he had loved her for over ten years.  “My darling, I must have you now!”, as he began to undress her;  He pressed up against her, and she felt his manhood throb with undeniable pleasure and wanting.  Lady Gretchen began to whimper when all of a sudden, Lord Jeffrey entered the bedroom.  “What is’ this!”  He growled between clenched, seething teeth.
The spectacle of his wife’s breast exposed, and the butler embracing her while leaned up against the bedpost was all he could stand.  Lord Jeffrey was so heartbroken, that he was overwhelmed by jealousy.  “Sir, you remove your grubby hands from my wife! you must leave the premise at this very moment, or I shall kill you with my bare hands! 
Humphrey could no longer repress the feeling’s he had stifled all the years gone by, he pulled out a knife and countered, “Lord Jeffrey, if I can’t have her, neither can you!”, and with one slash to Lady Gretchen’s neck, she crumbled to the ground.  Blood of dark crimson, bled around her as she lay lifeless there on the floor.  Lord Jeffrey, ran to her aid, but it was too late.  He yowled as he held his wife’s limp body, as Humphrey broke down and cried, he fled the bedroom…  Never to be seen ever again.
Both men were left empty inside; Lord Jeffrey eventually committed suicide to be without his beloved.  While, Humphrey ran from the law, hidden in the mist of guilt, and a broken heart.
The End.







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