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confession by len-yan.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

One day,  in late June, Lady Gretchen’s mistress assisted her in dressing for a social event.  She changed into the most lovely sapphire evening dress and her hair of amber was eloquently worn up, with soft tendrils around her sculpted cheekbones of pale pink.  Gretchen was most excited to attend the gala with her husband, Lord Jeffrey.  He was a broad, tall man in stature with strong features. Jeffrey was respected throughout the land for his generosity as a suave businessman.  Together,  Lord Jeffrey and Lady Gretchen made a very handsome pair.
As the two strode hand in hand down the spiral staircase of Italian marble,  Their butler, Humphrey awaited at the front door, longingly gazing at Lady Gretchen.  ‘Oh, how he imagined caressing her milky white shoulders and gently kissing her ruby red lips’.  But; he knew Lady Gretchen didn’t even notice Humphrey, for he was just a…

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