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via Daily Prompt: Proclivity

Typewriter -La Maison Lion

Last week, “The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch’, had to submit a piece on; To write when you don’t want to write.  My response was that I always love to write.  “Well, maybe it wasn’t that short of an entry.”  LOL!
On Christmas Eve, I had stated, as well as other writers; that there would be some time off from writing due to the holiday season.  
Epic failure on my part.  You see; A writer’s natural proclivity cannot be interrupted even when there is Holiday Cheer.  I still woke up in time to participate in the Daily Post Prompt, and when the Christmas festivities of the day had wound down, I was back here tapping away at the keyboard. 

Passion flows from my beating heart and soul, through my fingertips.
Revelation of words seemingly drip ink to paper 
Overnight, and through the day
Creativity I can’t escape.

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