December 22, 2017: Mental Mess Holiday Stress

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Good Morning, and Merry Christmas Eve, Eve, or Day where ever you may be in the world.  🙂
I have got to tell you, this week especially;  I have read some of the most compassionate posts here from Mental Health bloggers here on WordPress.  You have displayed true support and community amongst your peers, and every one of you should be commended for all that you have shared.
People with mental illness, chronic illness etc…  Share one common denominator.  We push ourselves to get through the holidays or avoid them all together.  Or; We muddle through and hope we can survive the gatherings of family and friends.  
Today, I had full intentions of writing something to help cope with the holiday blues, but… The best I can muster is this;

Just Breathe

I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the blogs I follow with regards to all things positive and mental health.  Please note, I can not list all of you because I would still be typing out all of your names until New Years. LOL!  To my new followers, please make a point to check out the following bloggers.  Our Mental Health community must grow stronger in order to break the stigma that surrounds us.  

Our Illness does not define who we are.  🙂

Many Thanks to:

Bipolar Brat

Bipolar Barb

Discovering Your Happiness

Frazzled Again

Ingrid Madison Ave

Surviving The Struggle to Success

Yarn & Pencil

The Asylum – Northern Man

Are My Feet Off The Ground


Steve Still Standing

Obsolete Childhood

Revenge of Eve

I know I have left SEVERAL of bloggers off here, but trust me when I say;  You all have a special place in my heart.
Thank you, for reading this post.  I do hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas Holiday.  If things start to become stressful, start a food fight.  That’ll  loosen the mood.  LOL!
Take Care & God Bless Each and Every One of YOU!



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