Daily Prompt: Communal *WordPress Family*

via Daily Prompt: Communal

The rise in designer apartments has been a boon for top-earners, but affordable options with the same quality and creativity remain scarce.

(Today’s Daily Post Prompt: Communal couldn’t have come at a better time.  I just finished a piece titled: Mental Mess Holiday Stress.  So, alright, I’ll do another)…  🙂


Ever since I began my own blog, I sincerely had no idea it would become a substantial, communal part of my every day.  The feeling of turning on my laptop, and connecting with so many individuals all throughout the world that simply love to write whatever they want is a gift we share amongst ourselves.
Case in point; I started writing and following blogs pertaining to all things mental health, but then my horizon’s expanded.  Now I love to follow bloggers that share writing suggestions as well as sound advice.  

Writers write.

I had always loved to write poetry, and short stories when I was a child.  But, WordPress allowed me to follow other’s that shared the same passion.  It reignited the creative juices again inside of me, and now their flowing once more.  

•• Erin Hanson (e.h), a 20 year old Australian || a word reader, word weaver, and magic believer ||...

You see, this is not just a spot to write when feeling alone, it’s a warm sense of communal territory in which we all gather and share.  If only the whole world had just a piece of what we share, Oh, how it would be a much more compassionate place to be.
God Bless You All!


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