Mood tracking for bipolar disorder

Post by Kerrie – “Nourish MY Life” – Very interesting post of gauging your bipolar/depressive state of mind.

Nourish My Life

Here’s a personal insight into how mood tracking can be beneficial for bipolar disorder and other mood disorders.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about mood tracking using the eMoods app which you can read here. The following graphs show how my moods changed earlier this year over a period of about six months:

Note: I drew up these graphs with specialised software (GraphPad Prism), this is not something you can do with the app!

What have I learned from tracking my moods so far? 

I’ll go through those graphs here in a little more detail so you can see the observations I’ve been able to make.

Two things are immediately obvious to me from my mood graph. Firstly, I had two main episodes of illness in the time shown – mania at the beginning and a mild to moderate depression in the winter – with a phase…

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