Daily Prompt: Saintly ~Gods Cathedral~

via Daily Prompt: Saintly

As some of you know, I am not a religious woman nor saintly.  I lean towards spirituality by nature than any one denomination. Please don’t misunderstand me,  I do believe in God; I simply don’t need a church in order to praise him.  
In my opinion, and this is strictly (my opinion alone), I view nature as a place of worship.  By simply taking a walk through the woods, I allow myself to feel the earth under my feet. It may it be a sturdy dirt path or, lined with fallen pine needles to cushion the floor below.  My Senses are in tune with the scents that I breathe in, may it be the pine trees or wild honeysuckle.  The feeling of touching moss on river rock while listening to a babbling brook… As I stroll through this forest, I feel as if this is God’s natural Cathedral.  A place that I can speak to him freely, and feel mother earth encompass my every emotion.  
I also view the kindness of strangers being God’s way of sending down his army of angels to help and guide me through times of trouble.  Prime example;  Natures disasters, and people from all walks of life come to the need of others for their support to rebuild, or to simply listen to one’s plight.  This is the beauty of human nature touching another’s soul.
You see, I don’t require being surrounded by four walls and worshiping at a set time schedule during the week to praise God.  This green earth and oceans of blue are God’s natural cathedral built for me and you.  
 Pine trees




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