Biofeedback Day 5 & 6

Travis Lee “Travis And The Brain”, excellent post of his own mental awareness not to travel down the rabbit hole of despair.

Travis and the Brain

Hey everybody! It is that time I talk about my biofeedback sessions. Fifth and sixth. Numbers. Let’s talk about numbers. My last session this past Wednesday, November 29th, 2017, I confronted my clinical psychologist. We are nearing the end of our first round of sessions, and nothing really has improved. I still have all the same mental health problems, I still cannot sleep, and I still have massive migraines.

I expressed to him my concerns. He then goes on to tell me about the 95 percent that have success with his treatments, how all of them are able to sleep better, how all of them got rid of their headaches. OK. I get he is trying to remain positive What about the 5 percent?

This is a tough spot, and my brain wants to go two ways. Let’s have hope. I still have time. I have four sessions…

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