August 11, 2017: Question #3 – Antisocial Personality Disorder (Part 1)

What you should know about Antisocial Personality Disorder:

The way to mend the bad world is to create the right world.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Good Evening Folks, How are you?  Hope that you enjoyed your Friday.  Here in the “Enchanting” state of New Jersey (Not!), it was fairly gloomy all day.  Low lying dark clouds that looked as if they’d burst in a moments notice.  Yet, held off.  However, tomorrow is supposed to be another story for the “Garden State.”  Rain on & off throughout the entire day.  With that being said, I will be on Pinterest and Facebook for most of the day.  And/or…stimulate you fine people, with me writing another entry.
My day was fairly uneventful. Unless you consider trying to get your parrot to adapt to a new perch in his cage.  This is a perch in which allows him to grind his nails.  “Peanut” is not being responsive to it the way I thought he would.  This ritual of opening the door to his cage, and pitiful attempts of my trying to get him to become trustworthy of this new furniture in his domain, is proving to me intolerable to both of us.  With his hook beak that contains 200 lbs of pressure, I place myself in a very venerable position of sticking my hand in the cage and trying to pick him up with hopes that he is not going to remove a digit.  I repeat each and every time, “It’s okay Peanut, it’s okay.” but,  the constant flapping of wings indicates he’s not having any parts of this new addition.  At the current moment, he is content by pulling in the sheet that covers the back of his cage inward as a security blanket and indicates he will not be participating in sitting atop his new perch that I spent close to $20.00 dollars on yesterday.  I believe, that it’s in the best interest for both of us to resolve to the fact that I will have to remove said perch, and place the old one back in its place.  Then, come tomorrow, start this all over again.  So be it. 

Question #3

What was my all time favorite TV program when I was growing up?

“Little House on The Prairie” Hands down.  I so wanted to grow up in the Ingalls home, and be a pioneer of that time period.  I wanted my Dad to be more like Pa, but I still wanted my mom to be my mother.  Sure times were rough and unbearable, but they had that special bond of family unity.  For the most part, even the town was so close.  Yeah, there were times in which Nellie Olsen & her mother Harriet were as nasty as they could be.  However, they were still there for one another through the thick of it.  That is why I enjoyed the show so much.  The camaraderie, and unity.

“Little House on the Prairie” is one of the most successful dramatic series in television history. This TV legend began with the pilot in March of 1974, which introduced the Ingalls family to millions of viewers around the world. It was subsequently picked up as a series in September and ran on NBC for nine seasons until 1983.

AntiSocial Personality Disorder:

I thought I would venture on the following subject this time around.  The definition of Antisocial personality disorder is a mental condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting or violating the rights of others.  This behavior could very well lead to criminal intent or worst.
The cause of this disorder is unclear.  As in most cases, “The good ole’ genes” play a part.  Other factors such as child abuse could contribute to developing this condition.  People with an alcoholic parent are at higher risk.  Far more for men than women are affected.  People who are arsons, or animal abusers during their childhoods are often keys to antisocial personality disorders.  

Here are just a few symptoms a person may convey:

  • Be able to act witty & charming.
  • Be good a flattery and manipulating others people’s emotions.
  • Often angry or arrogant.
  • Lie, steal. and fight often.
  • Disregard the safety of themselves or others.
  • Have problems with substance abuse.
  • No shame, guilt or remorse.
  • Breaks the law repeatedly.
Most people who are diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder is based on a psychological evaluation.  In a majority of people who are diagnosed with this disorder have had emotional and behavioral problems during childhood.  Antisocial personality disorder is one of the hardest disorders to treat.  In worst case scenarios, treatment usually is mandated by the court system for treatment. Behavioral treatments, such as talk therapy may help.
The frightening prognosis is that symptoms tend to peak during the late teens and the early 20’s. Sometimes, they can improve by the 40’s.  As I mentioned, it can be complicated if this person is imprisoned, use of drugs & alcohol, violence, and worse case scenario.  The patterns can vary in severity.  The more egregious, harmful or dangerous the behavior patterns could be then be referred to as a sociopathic or psychopathic.  (Which I will come back to).
Alright, my friends, I am going to close for this evening.  I actually began writing this afternoon around 4 pm, and now it’s almost 10:30 pm.  Between, having to get up and check on “Peanut” my parrot, and trying to help him deal with the new perch, I also had to find time for dinner.  
I will continue to tomorrow with high hopes of reporting that Peanut is surviving the perch ordeal, and continue on Antisocial Personality Disorder.  Until then, I hope that all of you have a pleasant evening and a pleasant beginning to your weekend.
Take Care & God Bless,







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