Part 2: Young, Invincible & Stupidity

Between Mid 1986, and the Summer of 1987 “All about the fun” was wearing me down.  I’m not going to fabricate by stating I was such a good little,  innocent young woman.  I was rather promiscuous, especially after drinking & smoking weed.  Which also lead to losing my friend Barbara sharing the apartment in Woodbridge together. Yet, I kept this up by inviting new roommates to share with the incoming bills.  Some of those acquaintances were friends from work, one was another dear friend,  Michelle from the high school days.  That too soon ended.  She obviously was bothered by my behavior.

Summer of 1987, around my birthday, if memory serves, I left my job as a security guard.  I was hired to work in the office as a customer service representative for a water bed company.  This to me was the ultimate opportunity because it was just a mile away from where I lived.  Plus as a bonus, I got bedding stuff dirt cheap!!  It was at this time, another girl Sheila moved into my apartment.  She loved to party and go to the clubs just as much as I did.  I thought my life at that time was awesome .  Cool job, friends, cute AMC car with kick ass stereo system and banging air conditioning for them hot summer nights of cruising down in Sea Side, NJ.  Every day, lead to every night of just having a blast.  The morning’s, on the other hand, were another issue.  Trying real hard to focus on my job with a hangover, but I managed.  (Note: I was so like Amy Schumer in “Trainwreck”.  Uncanny how she reminded me of how I acted back then.

July 1987, I met a friend of a friend “Brian”.  He seemed harmless enough.  He and his buddies were renting a house in Raritan, NJ.  They would love to throw massive parties as well.  One night in particular, though… The what seemed to be the harmless guy,  date raped me while I was passed out.  I woke up the morning after the party in his bed, naked.  Brian nowhere to be found, as well as the clothes I wore the night before.  I knew I was raped only because I did not consent to this moment in which I was so sore, and bruised.  After wrapping myself in a blanket, I searched for my clothing.  Several people were still meandering around the house either drinking or smoking more weed.  Preparing for the next party it seemed.  I was so humiliated and embarrassed trying to find all my clothes, that once they were all collected I scurried out of that house with no intentions of returning.  I couldn’t drive fast enough back to my apartment to shower and cry in my bed.  I was mortified at what had taken place.  I wouldn’t even dare tell a soul of this… However, I wanted to blast this prick for taking advantage of me.  But, Brian would not return my calls.  Maybe, it was just better off he didn’t.  I never wanted to see him ever again!!

The next couple of months went by, and I would tell my friends no to going out.  Making excuses to avoid partying, and clubbing.  I was in no way,  in the frame of mind to go through something like this again.  Ever.

On a Saturday morning in September 1987, I went to work in one of the waterbed stores in East Brunswick, NJ.  I could earn more money, and keep out of trouble.  However, I went in that morning a bit hung over from self-medicating myself the night before.  I was having some issues falling asleep prior, so I mixed myself a rum & coke to put me to sleep.  I was looking forward to just leaving, and going back to bed. “Hell..the store was filled with waterbeds”.  Duh.. With that in mind, I went to the rear of the store to crash until the future crowd came.  Wouldn’t you know it…  Moments later, someone did come in to shop.

Except for one thing… He was just not an ordinary shopper.9191a300f2919249061f8fbcc15cbc5c

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      1. I was reading about the unfortunate night with it happened…. it reminded me of the time that I got followed by a guy that was intoxicated…. i was told not to talk about it and that it was my fault (what were you wearing??) … it touched a nerve…

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