Anyone Who Knows…


Hi there.  Anyone that is diagnosed with depression and bipolar I & II probably has learned about your “Highs & Lows”, Yea..those damn mood swings that take over how you feel.  One can feel so elated over something, or to fall into a severe slump of depression.  When this frame of mind takes control… Hold on!!!  It’s not that we are broken.  We were just made sensitive.

Randi G. Fine quoted… “We only have control over two moments in our lives….  “Here & Now”.

In the past weeks since my “Part 1, The Beginning”.. I have gone through a low.  Not because of depression, but my long going ’bout with insomnia as well.  My medication has been adjusted so many times in the last year it would make your head swim.  Yet, in spite of this, I have tried staying in the moment by writing in my journal and keeping to myself.

In the next coming weeks,  I will continue to write about my life.  The continuation of what has brought me to the current day.  Thank you for your patience.




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  1. Thank for sharing this. I find my bi-polar manifests itself in social media. When I am getting a lot of likes and comments; I am almost on a high. When there is a lapse in communication and people aren’t responding, I get really depressed; thinking no one likes me. I really hate being bi-polar but I will say it fuels my creativity.

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