Beckie’s Mental Mania Manic Mess


  1. Hey i came across this blog and i think it’s amazing. A am author who is writing about depression via my wordpress as a “live novel” i must say we need more work like this.

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  2. And I think that our depression and tough times in our lives are a gift sometimes, because we’ve made or are making it through to a side not many have made it to, not many even turn to face that way! So the first step in being able to help anyone is to own and conquer yourself. No matter how long that takes. Because you can’t help people conquer their demons when you’ve never vanquished any of your own.

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  3. Hey Beckie, just wanted to let you know my blog is now private. Had some β€˜problems’ I wanted to get rid of, and I’m afraid this was the only way… Anyway, you’ll need to ask for permission so I can grant you access. It’s easy, you’ll see.

    Hope to see you there.

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  4. I certainly agree with you in the subject of mood disorders. I have bipolar disorder, personality disorders – several of them as well as anxiety, panic, OCD, PTSD and whatever else is out there it feels like sometimes.

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