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Megha's World

“Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious . . . In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.”
–Carl Sagan


I ate the cosmos and 

gulped down the stars

and the galaxies 

taken with a handful of 

constellations and

and swallowed a couple of Comets

to warm the dark corners of my soul

sprinkling stardust on my pores,

the lights of the Aurora Borealis

is now a hidden rainbow

dwelling just under my skin

and stars lined with my freckles

twinkle and shimmer in the dark

the dancing and rotating planets

are donning my eyeballs

the celestial gaze which 

can lock up your stare

for eons and 

can leave you asking for more

I ate the cosmos

with the moonlight 

running through my 


and the ambrosial beauty

defined beyond the

dimension of 

space and time

A celestial love

hiding the

mysteries of the universe

unsolved so far.


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“Rid The Rain” (Tanka)

  "Rid The Rain" (Tanka) dreary rainy day warmth under crocheted blanket, scented candles lit. Sunday's greyish skies obscure, behind closed curtains.   BC 2019 Picture Credit: Giphy    

6 Things To Help You Remain Calm In The Blogosphere

REBLOG: Renard, of “Renard’s World”, is here to give helpful advice on the blogosphere. This man knows what he is talking about. 🤗

Renard's World


tend to take a turn for the worst whenever we get upset (Which is why
we should do our best to remain tranquil).

However, some of us tend to lose our cool whenever we see certain
types of things happening in the blogosphere.

Now, I am well aware of the fact, that all human beings get angry.
However, we are supposed to know how to control our emotions
(Unfortunately, the average person allows their emotions to dictate
the way that they feel).

The last thing that anyone truly wants is to do or say something
that they will regret later on.

Dear friend, please take into consideration the importance of
remaining calm (Especially in the blogosphere).

So, without further ado, I am going to share with you, some of the
things that you can do to remain calm in the blogosphere.

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A Halloween tale…

REBLOG: Want to read a really good Halloween tale, read “Rethinking Life”, “A Halloween Tale. Great story!!!

Rethinking Life

Image result for copyright free eerie pictures

Her home wasn’t like the homes of other children.  All of the floorboards creaked and moaned, not just one or two.  She had to be carful which stair she stepped on and where, since the stairs could become quite put out if they were busy thinking about something.  The stairs did not like to have their thoughts interrupted and they could easily become crabby, or even vicious, if disturbed.

The rooms were always dark.  When the sun was out, it didn’t shine anywhere near the house.  The moonlight ignored the house as well.  And no matter how she tried to clean up, the house always looked exactly the same.  New debris would show up, now and then, but she didn’t know who put it there..

Yes, there were ghosts.  How could there not be?  The house was full of them.  Only a few were troublesome, most were polite, or ignored…

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“The Show Must Go On!” (Couple Lines) Multiple Prompts-3TC, FOWC, and Word of The Day from Friday, 10/18/2019

"The Show Must Go On!" It was an hour before showtime and the cast was jittery.  The lead in the show ended up literally breaking his leg during rehearsal. The director had the personality of a harsh ruler but was desperate to fill the handsome, muscular lead performer with a dangly younger lad with pimples. Hopefully, all the makeup and stuffing of the... Continue Reading →

A new collaboration with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess and Kristian of Tales From The Mind of Kristian– Halloween Special

Photo by Micael Widell on Pexels.comI have collaborated with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess on two poems so far: In Search of Happiness: and 2. The Creation (about the Creative writing process) A Collaboration By Beckie of “Beckie’s Mental Mess” and Kristian of “Tales From The Mind of Kristian” ~ The Creation ~ The Final Piece 3.... Continue Reading →

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